Social infrastructure for modern apps

Hull is a set of open engagement APIs that let you build user login and authentication, activity feeds, messaging, likes, ratings, comments and more into your apps in minutes.

Hull unifies all your user data into a single profile with a simple and open product.

Finally get a clear view of your users across all devices, properties, platforms and campaigns.

Pick the features you need among a large set of engagement APIs, drop them into your app and be production-ready in minutes. They all enrich the same user profile, work together and we host, scale and maintain everything for you.

Stop storing data in silos with 10 different services. Hull gives you the unified user profiles unprecedented user insights you're looking for.

Build Rome in a day

Focus on building something unique with a great user experience.

Engagement is the core of every modern application. User authentication, Activity Feeds, Comments, Ratings, Conversations, Private Messaging, Votes, Social Login are everywhere.

They take time to build and the result is brittle, needs maintenance and scaling, and will break at some point.

It is eating your soul. Hull brings you all this and more.

Drop-in flexible user authentication for developers

The most powerful, simple and secure user authentication architecture available.

  • Sign up users with email and password, confirm emails, reset passwords in less than 60 seconds with no server code.
  • Add social login with multiple providers instantly.
  • Get cross-domain authentication for your web apps in seconds.
  • Add single sign-on with your existing authentication backend and seamlessly add social login.
  • Login iOS and Android clients to your app without backend code

Our user authentication system is the most powerful you'll ever use.

Open engagement APIs

Freeing up your time and collecting data one API at a time

Activity feeds, public/private messaging, conversations, comments, likes, votes, followers, video and image uploads, achievements, are just an API call away. Build them into your app in minutes.

Hull provides communication and engagement APIs that just work. We handle all the logic, tracking and security for you.

All these features can be combined to build something great thanks to a unique Graph API. Benefit from years of experience and capture all the important data they generate.

It's like having a Data scientist, a DevOps, and a CMO working for you.

Blend in with your app with Entities, Queries, and Custom data

Hull adapts to you, not the other way around

Entities let you reference any object from your app enhance them with add social actions with no extra work.

Search, paginate, filter and tag any content in Hull, and do raw MongoDB queries for unlimited flexibility.

Store custom data in any object to tailor Hull to your exact needs.

Add and switch social networks and analytics backends without code

Committing to one analytics provider and accessing social network data is a pain. With hull, do it in minutes and change as often as you want.

Add and switch analytics backends without touching code.

Seamlessly access user's social data on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others, and enrich their profiles with our Unified API.

WebHooks and server SDKs for realtime updates and custom behaviors

Configure WebHooks to be notified in realtime about everything that goes on, new comments, new likes, new users, so you can react and add custom logic.

Server SDKs let you read and write anything with no limits. Extract data, build custom dashboards, or replicate it to your backend for further processing.

This is how hull works